Headstones and Cemeteries

There are twenty-six burial grounds in the Town of Lyme, six of them ancient burying grounds dating from Colonial times.  Headstones are searchable by family surname in  links A and B. Location of cemeteries is found on link C below.

Note: The burial site and cemetery for an individual whose birth place was “Lyme” in the 17th and 18th centuries could be Lyme, but it also  could be in one of the present-day towns of Old Lyme, East Lyme, East Haddam, or Salem. These towns or portions thereof were separated from the original town of Lyme  between 1825 and 1855.

A.  Lyme, CT Gravestones  (1717-2008) by Alpha Surname (Excel)  

B.  Eight Mile River Cemetery : “List of Interred as of June 1, 2014”

C.  Lyme Cemeteries Map (PDF File)

Documenting Lyme's Ancient Burying Grounds. Photo by Christopher Zajac.

One of many photos from an Archives project to document the grave stones in Lyme’s Ancient Burying Grounds. Photo taken Nov.5, 2015  by Chris Zajac.