Hall Rental

Rental Fees

Non-profit organizations and current LPHA members shall receive a 10% discount

6+ Hours

1/2 DAY

Up to 6 Hours

Total Building $250.00
Full Upstairs

Main Hall, Meeting Room(includes kitchen)

$225.00 $150.00
Small Meeting Room (includes kitchen) $75.00 $50.00
Basement $50.00
Parking Lot $35.00

 Available to Renter:

  • Main Hall: 34’ x 29’ with adjustable lighting
    • stage 16’ x 12’
    • 8’x 8’ projection screen
    • 16 banquet tables (30” x 72”)
    • 80 stackable chairs, 50 folding chairs.
    • Capacity: 65 seated at tables or 100 lecture seating or 140 maximum standing
  • Small Meeting Room: 20’x 18’- with single large table.
Capacity: 8–10 seated at table, 15 in room
  • Small Kitchen: with 1 range, 2 refrigerators, microwave oven
  • Basement: with 2 garage doors
  • Off-street lighted parking for approximately 25 cars

 Deposit and Insurance Requirements:

Rental fee is due with signed rental agreement.
A $100.00 security deposit by separate check is required.  If inspection of the premises after the rental period reveals no damages or abuse, and if the facility rules and renter responsibilities have been fulfilled as outlined below—including return of the Hall key—the security deposit will be returned to the renter.  Repair or clean-up costs beyond $100.00 will be billed to the  renter.

A Certificate of Insurance is required one week before the rental date.  This should be secured from the renter’s homeowners or organization insurance carrier indicating general comprehensive liability insurance in amounts not less than $300,000.00.  In the case of a commercial business, the renter shall deliver a Certificate of Insurance in amounts not less than $300,000.00 naming the Lyme Public Hall Association, Inc. and the Town of Lyme as additional insured.  Fees related to the insurance rider are the renter’s responsibility.
Facility rental includes parking.  The rental party is responsible for parking lot snow removal in case of winter storms.

Facility Rules:

Alcoholic beverages may be served and consumed only by persons of legal drinking age.  No alcoholic beverages may be sold on the premises.
Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building.
Absolutely no tacks, tape or adhesives of any kind may be used on the walls.  No hanging of anything from the wall sconces.
Pictures may not be taken down without prior permission.
No rental event shall continue after 1:00 AM.
A responsible adult aged 21 or over must be present at all times with the rental group.
No lit candles or flames of any kind allowed. No portable heaters. No smoke or fog machines. We have a very sensitive smoke alarm direct to the fire department.

Renter Responsibilities:

The Hall will set out tables.  Tell the rental agent how many tables (up to 16) that you require.  Set up and re-stacking of chairs is the renter’s responsibility.
To operate heat, renter shall turn up thermostat in meeting room and open eight floor registers along the north and south walls in main hall.  At departure, renter shall return thermostat in meeting room to 50 degrees (as noted next to thermostat) and close floor registers in main hall.
If required, turn hot water heater on.  The water heater and switch is in the utility closet at the bottom of back stairs. Turn off when leaving.
Renter shall leave the Hall as they found it and in “broom clean” condition.
Renter shall follow Checklist for Closing Hall (page 4 of the rental agreement) before leaving.
Renter shall return Hall key to rental agent within 24 hours of rental.

RENTAL CONTACT: Contact  Kathy Tisdale 860-434-1920 or  KathyTis@aol.com.  at least two weeks before the desired event date. Confirmed renters should contact the rental agent at least one week before the rental to coordinate the Hall set-up.

Rental dates are guaranteed only with a rental agreement signed by both parties and payment of rental fee and security deposit. The Lyme Public Hall reserves the right to refuse any rental requests.