About Us

The original Public Hall  was built in 1887 by the Public Hall Association and served the town of Lyme, Connecticut not only as a community gathering place, but as a volunteer fire station for a period of time. Since 1985 it has been the home of the Lyme Public Hall Association, Inc.  which supports community and historical programs and the Lyme Local History Archives. Learn about our history, our Board of Directors, and see what’s going on!

Board of Directors  2016-2017  

Bill Denow, President
Leslie Lewis, Vice-president
Bethany Clark, Secretary
Jerry Ehlen, Treasurer
Bill Archer
Judy Archer
Jim Beers
George House
Richard Jones
Lisa McCarthy
Doris Rand
Kathy Tisdale

Lyme Local History Archives  

Carolyn Bacdayan, Archivist